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In Week 0 we take a 30,000 foot high, birds eye view look at the weeks ahead. We want to keep things light and simple in this introductory week, as you get set up with your resources, group calls, mastermind community access and more. This week is an introduction to the course.

5 Videos, 23 Minutes Total.

Building trust with a cold audience is no easy thing to do. In this week, we need to identify the key factors that will build trust. You will discover the fatal mistakes that 90% of business owners make, how to easily fix these mistakes and stand out from your competition. This week focuses on your online brand image, within and outside of Facebook.

6 Videos, 36 Minutes Total.

Understanding how to take your products online comes down to asking the right questions. You need to know what to look out for, what mentality to have and how to analyze your own business. This short week focuses on the theories that will keep your Ads profitable in your back-end.

7 Videos, 20 Minutes Total.

It’s essential now to get into the mentality of winning with Facebook Ads. This week, you will learn exactly how to set up your Facebook Ads Manager, the mentality and fundamentals. You will be installing important tools at this point in order to properly read your data and re-target audiences later on. This week is all about organizing yourself for Facebook Ads.

13 Videos, 43 Minutes Total.

Now that we’ve laid a proper foundation over the last 4 weeks, we are now moving into a very hands on week. This week is jam packed with actionable tutorials and gives you the industry secrets of setting up profitable Ad Campaigns, fast. We take you through our proven formula for 99% of Ad Campaigns that we run and show you exactly how to hit “Publish” on your Ads. This week is focused on Publishing your Ads properly.

13 Videos, 59 Minutes Total.

Publishing your Ads is not enough, you need to understand the exact next steps in order to make serious profit. This entire week is dedicated to topics like Re-targetting, Optimization, Testing, fixing Rejected Ads and more. It’s important to use this week’s content as a reference for your future work, as many of the principles here will only be applicable once you’ve reached a certain level with your Ads.

11 Videos, 35 Minutes Total.

50+ Videos of Step by Step Training:

Divided into 6-weeks of accelerated training, our content is fluff-free and hands on. This is the exact system that our agency uses to create outstanding results for Facebook Ad clients. We cover everything from you need to know in order to set yourself up for profits and conversions online.

($2,999 Value)


($1,999 Value)

You are not on this journey alone, in fact, all of our students are in this together. We give you full access to every other business owner in this program through our exclusive mastermind community.

This might just be the most valuable aspect of the entire program, because you will be able to learn from your peers, network together and create serious opportunities that would have never existed outside of our program.

Vic Laranja — Founder & CEO.

Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls with Marketing Experts:

Our team of Digital Marketing experts is led by Vic Laranja. Vic is the Founder at Social Gravity and also teaches Media Production at Lambton College.

Vic currently charges $600 per hour for 1 on 1 marketing consultation. In Social Gravity's Academy he holds a weekly 2 hour group consultation session, exclusive to the business owners in this program. Included in this package is 8-weeks of direct marketing coaching from Vic Laranja.

($1,999 Value)


($499 Value)

Our Course Workbook is designed to easily help you take action and stay organized during the 6-week online sales accelerator. This program is designed to be as practical and hands on as possible, that's why we've put together a weekly workbook that walks you through every action item.

We've also included a Social Media Marketing eBook on our proven system for posting every single day, completely on autopilot. We've also thrown in the exact cold call script that will help you turn leads into appointments almost every single time. In the future, you will get first dibs at any extra resources we develop on top of these 3 items.

what we've done for our clients

learn step by step what we do for our clients

Social Gravity was able to make us more money... Once COVID hit, we had to switch to doing our sales online... We just sort of hit "boost" on Facebook and you think "oh, that will just boost it, just make sure that they live... there." There was no thought put into it. Social Gravity allowed us to focus on what we wanted to focus on, and they were putting our brand in front of the right people which converted into sales very quickly for us. We saw a 10x return on our Ad Spend, which made it make total sense to have the Social Gravity fee added into our budget. If you're the type of business that hasn't yet entered into going online, I'd highly suggest going with Social Gravity because they make it easy and you don't have to know what you're doing online.
I'd just like to say Thank You to Social Gravity who has brought our business to another level in advertising, social media, and in many other ways. We have now expanded with Social Gravity moving into 2020 and we've seen our business increase, with their well rounded digital assistance. I'd like to recommend Social Gravity for the help they've given us here at Silverstein's Produce, especially in the area of Digital Marketing.
Tony Sorge, Silverstein's Produce - Owner
Windsor, ON
I worked with the Social Gravity team to set up ads on Instagram and Facebook. Jeremy and Vic were great to work with - Very attentive to detail and receptive to feedback. They helped me test out various iterations of ads / copy to find one that consistently drove traffic to my landing page and converted into leads. I would certainly recommend them for your digital marketing needs if you're looking to work with a high-touch, competent team!
Dee Gautham, Boss Body Revolution
San Francisco, California
After hiring Social Gravity...my time is freed up, my brand authority is growing, my followers are growing, engagement on my posts have increased, and the added bonus that is PRICELESS - the consulting calls with Vic and strategy around brand amplification that turns into SALES!! Just within weeks of hiring Social Gravity - my company has received the attention of a multi-million dollar software company I've been trying to get a meeting with for the last year... you'd be CRAZY not to hire Vic and his team! Thank you Social Gravity!
Maria Gudelis, Business Consultant
Toronto, Ontario
Fantastic work, we've worked with them in a variety of different aspects from general business promotion, ad creation, and specific promotion for events we've done. Always a treat to work with, Vic and the team crush it every time with consistent high quality work. Definitely recommend it for business owners looking to make the most of their marketing budget and if you're looking to free up some time to let the professionals handle it!
Travis Kelly, District Beta
Sarnia, ON
Social Gravity has been a godsend for our growing business!! We found ourselves swamped with the challenges of growing Top Shelf Canada with so much to accomplish and not enough help. At a time when our social platform presence was getting neglected with all of our other challenges, Social Gravity really saved the day... The team is always flexible, helpful, and has made magic happen on tight timelines with little notice when needed... Can't say enough about the attention this team gives our product and we truly trust our brand in Social Gravity's more than capable hands.
Josh Lines, Top Shelf Canada - Owner
Sarnia, ON
Can't say enough about the Social Gravity team. They came on board to flesh out my company's Instagram strategy. Before I began with Social Gravity, I could not find an efficient way to post content while running the day-to-day of my business at the same time. Vic and his team took the time to learn what my team does, asked the right questions up front so I felt like they fully understood what we're trying to accomplish, and then went to work. With a couple of weeks, they curated all custom content for Instagram and scheduled out posts for the next few months. Today I have prospects and clients complimenting me on the visibility my Instagram account is now holding. The entire experience was efficient, professional, and well worth it. A huge thank you to Vic and the entire Social Gravity team!
Tony Alvarez, Post Oak
Los Angeles, California
Victor and his team have been amazing ! They are intuitive to our needs and reflect their creativity in the postings they do for us. We are so thankful to work with such a professional team and highly recommend the services they provide. We have worked with them over a year now and look forward to 2020.
Lynn Paquette, Noelle's Gift - Chairman
Sarnia, ON








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